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What is energy cleansing?

The simple act of utilizing a tool, such as herbs, wood, incense, or other safe-to-burn materials, to clear out unwanted energy.

Isn't this just considered smudging?

While smudging is indeed a form of energy cleansing, Erba believes the term to reference a special spiritual ceremony, and therefore respects and strives to provide alternative cleansing products that are culturally and ecologically sensitive.

How do I burn my herbs?

First open some windows to help with air and energy exchange. Focus on the intentions you would like to set, i.e. the energy you would like to part with or invite.  Hold herbal bundle to flame until lit, blow out, let smolder. Allow smoke to rise through the air. Reignite as needed. As always take caution when burning, use a fire safe bowl and snuff out in sand, if needed.

Where do I find info about shipping?

Please visit the Info | Policies page. 

Do you offer custom orders | commissions?

Custom orders and commissioned pieces have a typical wait time of 2-3 months depending on the order. During busy seasons i.e. the growing season, holidays, custom orders may not be accepted. Please contact me with inquiries. 

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! You can contact me directly to set up a wholesale account, or shop with me on Faire

What is your return policy?

Please visit the Info | Policies page for full details. 

Have a question that was not answered here? Contact me today, i'd be happy to help.

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